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Wanting to plan your diving. ABYSS Diving is the best place to find available Dive Planning aids from Dive computers, to Dive Planning software for your computer, as well as the Buhlmann tables.

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Dive Planning

A dive begins, not when the diver enters the water, but days to hours before the time, when the intention to dive is conceived.  From that time on, the diver must progress through a logical sequence of planning.  The greater the complexity of the dive, the longer and more thorough the period and detail of planning.  The safety of a dive relates directly to how well it was planned.  This allows no room for complacency or tardiness, no matter how routine or minor the nature of the dive.

Correct dive planning will make your diving more enjoyable and rewarding.  Problems that may arise unexpectedly during a dive will be more easily managed, because all possible eventualities have already been run through mentally and solutions planned.

Every dive must be regarded as a new dive with new experiences, no matter how familiar the location or conditions.  No two dives will ever be the same

When planning a dive, here are a couple of key point to cover:

  1. Pre-dive planning: This is performed from when the intention to dive is conveived
  2. Pre-dive routine: This is performed moments prior to undertaking the dive

Dive planning must also take into consideration special conditions and types of diving, including wreck diving, night diving, cave diving, deep diving, drift diving, navigational diving, search diving and Cave diving. Do ensure that you hold the required skill level before undertaking any speciality diving.


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